Trilobe — E-Shop

Inspired by the spirit of traditional fine watchmaking for a modern-day man, Gautier Massonneau, the founder of Trilobe, a new French watchmaker brand has set his goal to redefine how we see and read time.

With such daring spirit, Bonjour Paris took on the project to help him build Trilobe as digital native luxury brand. The project includes the brand’s identity, strategy, the e-commerce platform, social media strategy, the art direction and production for parts of digital content... as well as the design of numbers of the dial of the watch!

With expertise and skills in guiding luxury brands develop their digital transformation, Bonjour worked closed together with Massonneau to understand his ambition in order to take Trilobe reach its full potential digitally. Trilobe came in at the early stage and Bonjour's Creative Director worked with the brand to understand the vision to finesse existing logo and create identity that includes graphic guidelines, packaging and art direction. The numbers on the dial are also redesigned to be more readable and reflect the serif typeface from the logo, a rare design on timepiece. Trilobe has given creative liberty for the team to design and develop the website according to the brand strategy which results in a sleek and simple website inspired by the three rings on the dial of the watch with focus on visual content to be presented at the forefront.

Year / Location

2018, Paris, France


Gautier Massonneau, Founder
Volcy Bloch, Deputy General Manager


Benoit Candelle,  General Manager
David Polonia, Creative Director
Alexandre Tran, Director of Operations
Angèle Giraud, Project Manager
Alexis Pineau, Art Director
Liza Sengphong, Designer
Pierre Louis, Photographe