Elementary. Family

How to make food supplements elementary. Elementary reveals the secret with its latest campaign featuring the Elementary Family.

In order to illustrate the authentic and transparent identity of the 100% natural food supplements brand, its team called on Bonjour Paris to imagine a series of visuals, mainly portraits of men and women with expressive faces and an attitude reflecting well-being. The Elementary family is made up of people alert of their environmental impact and who put their well-being at the forefront

Year / Location

2021, Paris


Pierre-Olivier Jacque, Founder
Margaux Landreau, Digital Manager


Benoit Candelle, Founder
Alexis Pineau, Creative Director
Manon Combe, Art Director
Konstantin Kourenkov, Strategist & Photographer
Angèle Giraud, Account Manager
Eloïse Godinou, Project Manager