Redstar FC — E-shop

We imagined a minimalist interface made up of blocks. It’s simple to use, pleasing to navigate and explore. The images display the items of clothing on the models in order for the users to identify with the items and project themselves into the clothes and accessories.

In order to build Red Star as a premium brand, we have decided to inject a totally different artistic design : men and women pose together and adopt casual and positive attitudes. There are wide frame angles, as well as more detailed close-ups. Bringing a « fashion » angle to the images enabled us to seduce a different type of target audience that enjoys sportswear as an everyday attire. Beyond an artistic choice, the mix of genders on the images helps the users perceive the clothes and accessories as unisex, which increases interest and generates better conversion.

Year / Location

2020, Paris, France


Alexis Delwasse, CEO
Tom-Jacques Perret, Merchandising Manager
Arthur Jouvelet, Merchandising Manager


Benoit Candelle, Founder
Liza Sengphong, Art Director
Alexis Pineau, Art Director
Mathieu Nay, Account Manager
Delhia Elantri, Copywriter
Dorian Delorme, Creative Technologist