Post content tailored to our audiences on different platforms. Consider and work on our speeches to create engagement through creative content and impactful captions. 

Cartier — Summer

This project came about with Maison Cartier’s wish to highlight a selection of products from its Summer 2016 collection. We came up with the idea of creating nine "un-still lifes" that integrate exotic fish amidst fresh, colourful backgrounds. These compositions were displayed on the brand's social media, and garnered an exceptional engagement rate.

Boucheron — Instagram

For the luxury jewelry brand Boucheron, Bonjour Paris has chosen to follow the art direction borrowed for its ecommerce visuals, and to develop animated capsules for social media. All of this content is integrated into an emerald cut, an identity code that has been successful for the brand for nearly 3 years.

Vuarnet — Ice

Those who have known Vuarnet in the 80’s certainly keep fond memories of the iconic brand, these sunglasses were the only ones that counted at that time.

Cointreau — Instagram

In charge of Cointreau’s International and French social media accounts, Bonjour Paris thought about the most proper contenu to illustrate the Angévine brand’s image. Depending on the target and the objective of each post, the format - still life or animation - is carefully chose to reach the highest engagement rate. The new art direction has a premium approach elevating Cointreau to a leader in cocktail culture.

Fauré Le Page — Instagram

Alongside Arthur, the eternal and seductive Chevallier, the illustrious Maison Fauré Le Page has armed itself with its best asset to invest social media codes. Bonjour Paris had to face a major challenge to meet the brand's needs: create a digital universe as playful as attractive for a daring clientele who proudly wear "Arms of Seductions". Thanks to graphic and immersive illustrations, the most elegant Community Manager is at your service.

Armin — Instagram

Armin is the new French brand coming to reinvent armagnac. Bold, playful and seductive, the brand trusted Bonjour Paris to imagine various contents destined for social media that would translate its codes and image. We had pleasure creating very graphic and colorful visuals along with captions that matched the never too serious or too down-to-earth universe of the brand.

Louis XIII — Social media

Louis XIII, the emblematic French house of Cognac, renewed its confidence in Bonjour Paris for the creation of visuals intended for social networks but also for display banners. The graphic and top-of-the-range treaty, proposed to enliven different times of the year, has helped strengthen the brand's image in the world of spirits, by developing formats for special occasions such as weddings or fathers Day.

Oratio — Social media

Oratio Hotel, located in the heart of the Quartier Latin, wanted to reinvent itself in order to modernize its image and attract a new clientele. To do so, the brand trusted us with the management of its social media. We imagined a harmonious grid that would immerse followers into the brand’s proximity and warmth: Oratio knows every neighborhood’s secrets. Come for a day, go back being unbeatable!