Cartier — New Bond Street

On the occasion of the opening of Cartier New Bond Street boutique, we imagined a story around the inauguration frenzy, with our protagonist, Letitia Wright — a beauty among her fellow gems, practicing for her speech through humorous tongue twisters. Shot in London, the film was directed by Alex Turvey, photographs were made by Jean-Bernard Thiele and produced by Mint.

Year / Location

2019, London


Nicolas Guiramand, Brand Content Director
Jean Jeunet, International Content Director
Celine Dos Santos, International Creative Content Coordinator


Benoit Candelle, Founder
David Polonia, Creative Director
Diane Hazael-Massieux, Art Director
Mint, Production
Alex Turvey, Director
Yan Maltings, Sound Design
Jake Scott, DOP
Jean-Bernard Thiele, Photography