Cointreau — Social

In charge of Cointreau’s International and French social media accounts, Bonjour Paris thought about the most proper contenu to illustrate the Angévine brand’s image. Depending on the target and the objective of each post, the format - still life or animation - is carefully chose to reach the highest engagement rate. The new art direction has a premium approach elevating Cointreau to a leader in cocktail culture.

Year / Location

2020, Paris


Romain Lentz, Global Digital Manager
Vincent Gosset, Digital Project Manager
Nathalie Lesage, Communication Director
Bérangère Jouve, Communication Coordinator


Benoit Candelle, General Manager
David Polonia, Creative Director
Mathieu Nay, Project Manager
Delhia Elantri, Social Media Manager
Coralie Frat, Art Director
Liza Senzphong, Designer
Vasilisa Ganakova, Photographer & Art Director