JR — Website

Contemporary artist JR has teamed up with Bonjour Paris to design and develop its new digital platform. The main challenge of the project was to showcase his entire Work through a more graphic and interactive website, offering a better user experience. Fully "user-friendly" oriented, it takes us into JR’s creations through an immersive journey to discover his overall project: exhibitions, photos, and videos.

Year / Location

2019, Paris, France


Mauve Chalandon, 
Quentin Besnard, 
Marc Azoulay, 
Lisa Truchassout, 


Benoit Candelle, General Manager
Liza Sengphong, Art director
Dorian Delorme, Creative Technologist
Eugene Lee, Creative technologist & Lead Developer
Mathieu Nay, Project Manager
Eloïse Godinou, Project Manager
Clément Froehlich, Project Manager