Design innovative and impactful campaigns in order to capture our audiences depending on the media. Create content that match our clients in all its various shapes.

Boucheron — Visuals

Through the photos and videos, the challenge was to bring a creative narrative in the new e-shop all the while highlighting Boucheron’s jewelry. We have transformed the space of worn jewelry and product listings into a non traditional and free space. The fact that we don’t explicitly see the models’ features enables us to play on the Boucheron womens’ traits : independance, spontaneity, freedom, which all embody the Parisian « je ne sais quoi ».

Foot Locker — Content

Cohesiveness is what makes a good Team. On the occasion of the release of its new football jersey, Red Star FC teamed up with Footlocker, well-known retailer. For the first time ever, a national football club trades with Adidas: create a unique jersey which involves historical patterns proper to the club’s culture. Our goal was to create a disruptive retail concept and we chose Education, the key to go further. In a school, the photoshoot takes place in the heart of education, as the jersey does.

Cartier — New Bond Street

On the occasion of the opening of Cartier New Bond Street boutique, we imagined a story around the inauguration frenzy, with our protagonist, Letitia Wright — a beauty among her fellow gems, practicing for her speech through humorous tongue twisters. Shot in London, the film was directed by Alex Turvey, photographs were made by Jean-Bernard Thiele and produced by Mint.

Anthony Peto — Lookbook

For our latest project, we had the pleasure to work with the talented hat maker Anthony Peto. Bonjour Paris was charged to imagine the art direction the pack shots for his new e-shop. To help the customers project themselves, we wanted the hats to be worn by models with a casual and positive attitude. The styling was thought minimalistic so the focus could be on the products. We also wanted the DNA of the brand to be represented so we went for a warm colored background. The idea was to communicate to the customers that they could choose any of the hat and wear it however they want to.

Roger Vivier — My Perfect Pair

To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019, Roger Vivier and Bonjour Paris created My Perfect Pair, a playful love song about one’s quest to form the perfect pair. Being spied by a delivery man who is in love with her, the young artist with a mood for romance seeks inspiration inside her hotel room for a new song and her perfect pair. Performed by Leslie Medina and Raban Renatus, the film was directed by Laura Sicouri at Hotel Villa Royale. A series of photos were taken by Vasilisa Ganakova, featuring the Love Vivier shoes and other products from the Valentine’s Day collection in the romantic setting of the Villa Royale.

Y — Lookbook

Throughout the production phases of the brand's new visual identity and e-commerce site, Bonjour Paris also produced a video lookbook showing the whole charms collection. As Paris is one of Bollywood longtime favorite places, it was almost obvious for us to choose le Jardin des Tuileries as a playground for the brand's two young muses.

Roger Vivier — Bridal collection

For the Bridal collection, Bonjour Paris imagined a film in the early 40’s style: We thought what a pity to be able to wear a Roger Vivier’s Bridal pair of shoes only once in a lifetime, except if you multiply the unions... The difficult bride was incarnated by Pauline Jacquard and the unfortunate grooms by Raban Renatus, Nathanael, Matthias El Koulali and Nicolas Gary. The film was directed by Laura Sicouri at Groussay Theatre and pictures were taken by Gabrielle Riouah.

MAC — New Year's Eve

The cosmetics brand M.A.C chose Bonjour Paris for the creation and conception of a new digital campaign to highlight two palettes of looks specially designed for the New Year’s Eve. We led the art direction of the project with a common vision: to enhance brand awareness in its market, thanks to a bold interpretation, while faithful to its DNA.

Duvelleroy — Hermès

Duvelleroy has already been a partner with Bonjour Paris. Therefore, we are excited to see the launch of this new creations. Duvelleroy, French hand fan maker since 1827, created a beautiful hand fan collection for Hermès’ Petit H project . The creations use Hermès iconic material like printed silk and laser cut leather. The result are whimsical twists on one-of-a-kind hand fans. Our creative team who works on the social media content for Duvelleroy was excited to translate these delicate crafts through their creative visions using theme of an influx of the wind flowing under the autumn sun. The final content is a series of static and moving images that is light, poetic and vividly vibrant as bright as the signature yellow of the Maison. It will surely bring warm sun to your cold autumn days.

MAC — Evergreen

The cosmetics brand M.A.C. International has called on Bonjour Paris to enhance its products through a series of content inspired and specially designed for the Indian market. In total, we have created a hundred visuals combining product highlighting and beauty shots intended for the brand’s digital networks.

Duvelleroy — Spirit of Lightness

For the Ready-To-Wear collection, the F/W couture, permanent collections and apartment shoots, we put in place a new artistic direction. In order to make the fan an everyday accessory, it seemed essential to shatter the stereotypes around it, enable and celebrate men who wish to use it. All genders are invited to adopt and appreciate this fashion accessory and join a lifestyle where lightness is the core value. "The Spirit of Lightness" tagline transpires in all the visuals through the presence of the sky, as well as the bottow views.

Cointreau — Social content

In charge of Cointreau’s International and French social media accounts, Bonjour Paris thought about the most proper contenu to illustrate the Angévine brand’s image. Depending on the target and the objective of each post, the format - still life or animation - is carefully chose to reach the highest engagement rate. The new art direction has a premium approach elevating Cointreau to a leader in cocktail culture.

Cardo — Lookbook

The quest for French swimwear brand Cardo Paris was to rejuvenate their image as well as their audience. Proud of being authentic and natural as opposed to communicating overly retouched images, Cardo women are serious about swimming. Swim it Your Way is straight forward, graphic yet natural. The lookbook was shot by Pierre Louis and the still life images by Vasilisa Ganakova.

Roger Vivier — I woof you

As we approach the end of 2019, we are pleased to announce a new collaboration between Roger Vivier and Bonjour Paris to celebrate the Holiday season and showcase the "Christmas" collection. The result is a very special film that will truly melt your aware, love is everywhere!

Tara Jarmon — Book

To celebrate Tara Jarmon's 30th birthday, the brand expressed the desire to publish an art book presenting its history – and many (r)evolutions – through images. Our agency was given access to loads of content, including images from the runway shows (both catwalk and backstage)and the campaigns. We culled the best of them into a 248-page volume, printed in a limited edition of 300 copies, which was sold in the brand's shops around the world.

Fauré Le Page — Arms of Seduction

For the French Maison drenched in illustrious history, the challenge was to create a digital universe including playfulness and seduction as their hallmarks. When it started in 1717 Fauré Le Page was a famous arquebusier providing Napoleon’s army among others. 

Cartier — From the sky

To announce the reopening of Cartier stores in Japan, Bonjour Paris thought of a social campaign through the enchantment that carries the Cartier codes: Japan is exposed in particles to reveal the Cartier case, Japan and then the panther. Each city will have its own treatment.

MAC — Mosaic Masterpiece

For the launch of the Mosaic Masterpiece collection, which was specially created for the Ramadan, we produced content destined to be broadcasted and showcased on social media, in-stores and on TV. The universe in which this campaign was created uses the same festive elements of Ramadan : golden tones, lights and the Mashrabiya architecture which all help to create a warm atmosphere. This project has also enabled our agency to collaborate with Nadine Nassib Njeim, a renowned Lebanese actress.

Longchamp — Chinese New Year 

The Chinese New Year is a festive and important time for luxury brands, and Longchamp referred to us to put forward their line of products to the Asian market. This year, which resides under the sign of the Rooster was the perfect opportunity for Longchamp to reaffirm its identity as a French luxury house. To celebrate this event, several mini films were created and published on social media. They enabled the viewers to dive into a unique visual universe which uses all the animation codes, as an invite to a travel in time through landscapes stained with a poetic atmosphere.

Cheval Blanc — Origami

An origami could worth a thousand words with Cheval Blanc Wishmaker, specially created for the holiday season. Each fold of the paper contains a well-kept secret, the Maison’s of infinite possibilities. From Rhandeli to Courchevel, from snorkelling to a hot air balloon, the trip has an exceptional taste. Thanks to a meticulous copywriting, nothing is left to chance to showcase the varied activities and to invite you to unfold your dreams.

Cointreau — Carré d’Angers

The Carré d’Angers, Cointreau’s stronghold where the Orange spirits is distilled had a makeover for a more up-to-date look. Bonjour Paris was in charge of imagining a photo and video shoot to promote the new visit course of its museum along with portraits of Carole Quinton and lifestyle visuals. The brand’s new universe will be enhanced graphically to affirm the need for modernity and arouse the desire to discover the museum and the Savoir-Faire secrets of Cointreau.

Louis XIII — The Gift Collection

The Gift Collection was a campaign created for the prestigious Cognac House, Louis XIII. Being inspired by art, we chose to put together a design that displays the elegant gift at the heart of a 3D composition alongside a video showcasing the different elements of these exclusive box sets. This collection was thought up to celebrate, honor, thank and discover.

Fauré Le Page — Brand campaign

Fauré Le Page’s art of seduction. The historic French leather goods Maisons has tasked us to imagine a campaign to celebrate the opening of its new boutique at the Galleria mall in Seoul, South Korea. 

Elementary. Family

How to make food supplements elementary. Elementary reveals the secret with its latest campaign featuring the Elementary Family.

MAC — Kajal

For the launch of its new Kajal Eye Liner, MAC Cosmetics India has entrusted the artistic direction of its campaign to the Bonjour Paris agency. A film as well as visual prints were recently produced in the effigy of the product, a true symbolic jewel and best seller in India. The objective being to capture a new generation of Indian consumers, the Agency wanted to highlight values ​​that are dear to them: independence and resistance.

Comité Colbert — Movie

Promoting the French luxury industry internationally, this is what the Comité Colbert has been doing since 1954. The organization founded by Jean-Jacques Guerlain brings together various French brands selected for their unique know-how. Every year, the organization hosts the Colbert Festival, in Paris, with the aim of providing exceptional experiences to customers from all over the world. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the event could not be held, therefore they have called on Bonjour Paris to imagine a film that will highlight five of its brands: Boucheron, Caron, Le Meurice, Veuve Clicquot, the Louvre and the tuileries. To do so, we imagined a script and an art direction featuring a couple whose man is about to propose. Through this short film, we were able to highlight the excellence of each brand represented.