Design innovative and impactful campaigns in order to capture our audiences depending on the media. Create content that match our clients in all its various shapes.

Boucheron — Visuals

The Woman and Boucheron.

Foot Locker — Content

More than just a jersey, a legacy.

Cartier — New Bond Street

New Bond Street, get ready, Cartier is coming.

Anthony Peto — Lookbook

Shaping top hats (and other head coverings).

Roger Vivier — My Perfect Pair

All you need is Roger Vivier.

Y — Lookbook

Embodying the free-spirited generation.

Roger Vivier — Bridal collection

Will you take Roger Vivier as your lawfully wedded husband?

MAC — New Year's Eve

Celebrate the last day of the year... but not the least.

Duvelleroy — Hermès

Petit H, grand Duvelleroy.

MAC — Evergreen

Indian palette: make-up for every skin tone.

Duvelleroy — Spirit of Lightness

Do you speak the fan language?

Cointreau — Social content

See life in orange with Cointreau.

Cardo — Lookbook

Dive into Cardo's world.

Roger Vivier — I woof you

A lovely doggy meeting.

Tara Jarmon — Book

Tara Jarmon has turned the page following the end of the twenties era.

Fauré Le Page — Arms of Seduction

The harquebusier armed to seduce.

Cartier — From the sky

Trust the beauty of new beginnings.

MAC — Mosaic Masterpiece

Let's Ramadan's festivity begin.

Longchamp — Chinese New Year 

The year of the french rooster.

Cheval Blanc — Origami

An origami can be worth a thousand words...

Cointreau — Carré d’Angers

Where the magic happens.

Louis XIII — The Gift Collection

LOUIS XIII offers himself as a gift.

Fauré Le Page — Brand campaign

The art of seduction according to Fauré Le Page.

Elementary. Family

Make wellness elementary.

MAC — Kajal

Make your mark.

Comité Colbert — Movie

Love in the French way.

Caron — Collection Merveilleuse

20 wonderful fragrances, plenty of colors, and explosive encounters.

Caron — Noël

Caron, the present that makes wonders.

Moynat — Savoir faire

Behind the doors of the Moynat workshop

Moynat — Craft of Illusion

Craft & Illusion.

Belle de Brillet — Content

Waking up the sleeping beauty.

Y — Ibiza

The charm of ibiza through charms.

Caron — Stories

Telling history through Caron.