Izen Zaren — Identity

Inspired by her Berber roots, Jihane Zeghari left a career as a journalist to devote herself to her passion. She set out to explore the hills of Morocco, seeking artisans whose millenia-rich skills eventually turned into exceptional, contemporary pieces. Bonjour Paris was brought on to create a strong, modern visual identity that stands in contrast to the competitors' often predictable efforts.

Our typographical research on Berber culture led us to the Neo-Tifinagh, an alphabet invented in the 1960s by the Paris-based cultural foundation l’Académie Berbère. We decided to mingle the Latin alphabet with its Touareg counterpart and blend the two cultures within one logotype, choosing bright hues (a vivid ochre combined with a powerful blue) to evoke the scintillating colours of Morocco and punctuate this strong and assertive brand identity.

Year / Location

2017, Paris, France


Jihane Zeghari,  Founder and Artistic Director


Benoit Candelle,  General Manager
David Polonia, Creative Director
Angèle Giraud, Project Manager