Duvelleroy — Hermès

Duvelleroy has already been a partner with Bonjour Paris. Therefore, we are excited to see the launch of this new creations. Duvelleroy, French hand fan maker since 1827, created a beautiful hand fan collection for Hermès’ Petit H project . The creations use Hermès iconic material like printed silk and laser cut leather. The result are whimsical twists on one-of-a-kind hand fans. Our creative team who works on the social media content for Duvelleroy was excited to translate these delicate crafts through their creative visions using theme of an influx of the wind flowing under the autumn sun. The final content is a series of static and moving images that is light, poetic and vividly vibrant as bright as the signature yellow of the Maison. It will surely bring warm sun to your cold autumn days.

Year / Location

2018, Paris


Eloïse Gilles, Partner


David Polonia, Creative Director
Diane Hazaël-Massieux, Art Director
Ludovic Del Puerto, Project Manager