Bonpoint — French goûter

For the exclusive launch of its new range of cosmetic products on the Chinese market, Bonpoint imagined a unique activation during the « Double 11 » festival, highlighting a very special French ritual of life: "Le Goûter". To accompany this activation the brand, part of the EPI Group, called on us to create a digital campaign following the same theme. In a series of visuals and a key movie evoking tender childhood memories, we wanted to create the narrative that skincare is also a prized ritual and routine.

Year / Location

2022, Paris, Shanghai


Jessica De Lacour Sussac, Director of the perfume and skincare business unit
Fengtong Zhu, Project Manager & Marketing


Benoit Candelle, Founder & General Manager
Raphael Guenassia, Project Manager
Alexis Pineau, Creative Director
Coralie Frat, Art Director
Rose De Menibus, Art Director
Paul Delonca, Account Manager
Clever, Production
Celine Saby, Photographer
Barnaby Coote, Director
Agathe Reille & Erin Korus, Set designers
Marie Valat, Agent