Degrenne — Identity

Since its foundation in 1948, Guy Degrenne has been manufacturing fine tableware and home decorating products. However, the arrival of new market players over the last ten years has led the brand to rehaul its communication strategy and positioning. Bonjour Paris was given the task to make this transition come to life, alongside the brand's new management team, Thomas Mulliez and Blandine Franc. The transformation is nothing short of radical. The positioning of the visual identity was upgraded: the label's name was shortened to Degrenne, which now stands out with an elegant, forceful presence, and complemented with a proprietary grey which recalls the Maison's DNA and primary raw material, steel, at various stages in its transformation.

Year / Location

2017, Vire, France


Thomas Mulliez, President
Blandine Franc, Brand Director


Benoit Candelle, General Manager
David Polonia, Creative Director
Angèle Giraud, Project Manager
Vasilisa Ganakova, Designer