Caron — Collection Merveilleuse

Caron has always been a resolutely modern brand.

A spirit of daring and its avant-gardist style that permeates all of the house's creations and naturally shines through in the Merveilleuse Collection. A collection where ingenious materials and homogeneity refusal come to amaze the richness and exuberance in perfect harmony. The O bottle reveals the creative audacity and the pioneering spirit of the house of Caron. 

The creative strategy is based on opulence, richness and generosity. 

Singular fragrances mixing softness and character, an explosive encounter of juice and unexpected materials - key ingredients to create a generous and magnificently excessive collection.

2021, Paris


Karima Benyahia, International Sales Director
Chloé Eragne, Chef de produit 
Marion Castro, Responsable e-commerce


Grégoire Chalopin, Directeur de Création (Yokuaidi)
Benoit Candelle, Partner
Germain Felzinger, Directeur Artistique
Rose De Menibus, Directrice Artistique
Caroline Grimprel, Directrice Artistique
Liza Sengphong, Directrice Artistique
Anne Vautier, Directrice Artistique
Angèle Giraud, Account Manager
Antoine Perrault, Chef de projet
Coraline Mousty, Cheffe de projet 
Konstantin Kourenkov, Strategic planner
Delhia Elantri, Copywriter
Isaiah Ngwangu, Copywriter
Clever , Production
Monsieur l’agent & L’Adresse , Production
Julien Deceroi , Photographe
Justinas Vilutis, Photographe
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Caron — Noël

For the festive season, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Conte Merveilleux Caron, imagined by Bonjour Paris.

Caron — Stories

After signing the Maison's renouveau with a brand new visual territory through the Collection Merveilleuse campaign, Bonjour Paris takes Caron's boldness and avant-gardism to the next step. 

Caron — PUH

Caron embodies modernity through a unique spirit of exuberant creativity and avant-garde, which shines through and infuses all the creations of the house since 1904. A spirit that is naturally found in the classic Pour Un Homme, a timeless fragrance that has captured the essence of the masculine and exalted it through the ages.

Caron — Lifestyle

Caron Collection Merveilleuse’s lifestyle visuals take place in the Hotel Nolinksi, Paris, choose for its intimacy but especially for its Art Deco universe, an artistic movement that really matters for the Maison since it was its very first and favorite source of inspiration. 

Caron — Parfum d'Amour

For Valentine's Day, Bonjour Paris chose the artist Rus Khasanov in order to give Caron his interpretation of love, guided by a motto that is dear to him: « Beauty is everywhere ».

Caron — Jardin Merveilleux

Bonjour Paris created a bucolic campaign for the launch of Caron's new fragrance, Rose Croquante.

Caron — Bien être

Maison Caron is inspired by the fascinating power of semi-precious stones on the body and mind for the Virtuous Totems campaign. Bonjour Paris created a series of artistic visuals that portray an audacious parallel between perfumery and lithotherapy. The virtues and the colors of the stones match perfectly with the fragrance juices. An ode to gemstones and their virtues.

Caron — Pour Un Homme x Tahar Rahim

Bonjour Paris created the new POUR UN HOMME DE CARON campaign with acclaimed French actor Tahar Rahim as ambassador.