Boténor — Brandbook

The French beauty brand, Boténor, believes that beauty starts with the basics. That’s why nature is at the core of their creations. They infuse this in every product by growing their own ingredients and taking the time to understand the essence of each plant they work with in order to fully benefit from its properties.

Bonjour Paris crafted a creative strategy that encapsulates these defining pillars of Boténor’s products, establishing an identity and editorial line that is centered around the motto “Where beauty blossoms”.

Year / Location

2021, Paris


Florent Cristol, Founder
Khadija Rami, Founder


Benoit Candelle, Founder
Konstantin Kourenkov, Strategist
Angèle Giraud, Account manager
Raphael Guenassia, Project Manager
Germain Felzinger, Art Director