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Cohesiveness is what makes a good Team. On the occasion of the release of its new football jersey, Red Star FC teamed up with Footlocker, well-known retailer. For the first time ever, a national football club trades with Adidas: create a unique jersey which involves historical patterns proper to the club’s culture. Our goal was to create a disruptive retail concept and we chose Education, the key to go further. In a school, the photoshoot takes place in the heart of education, as the jersey does.

Year / Location

2020, Paris - Amsterdam


Jaime Semeleer, Associate Marketing Manager
Ana Camargo, Strategic Alliances and Events Director Foot


Benoit Candelle, Partner
Konstantin Kourenkov, Strategist
Angèle Giraud, Account Manager
Alexis Pineau, Art Director
Coralie Frat, Art Director
Marvin Bonheur, Photographer
Pascale Savary, Associate Director Business Development @SUPERVISION