Fauré Le Page — Arms of Seduction

For the French Maison drenched in illustrious history, the challenge was to create a digital universe including playfulness and seduction as their hallmarks. When it started in 1717 Fauré Le Page was a famous arquebusier providing Napoleon’s army among others. 

The Maison has reinvented itself through creating “Arms of Seduction” for anyone stylish or daring. We created characters using illustrations and graphics, such as Arthur the everlasting knight. 

The most charming Community Manager is there to answer any question on the website and provide customer service.

Year / Location

2017, Paris


Claire Laverre, Global Head of Digital & eCommerce 
Augustin de Buffévent, Creative Director
Charles Debuffevant, Sales Operations Manager


David Polonia, Creative Director
Diane Hazaël-Massieux, Art Director
Alexis Pineau, Art Director
Manon Combe, Designer
Capucine Touron, Designer
Alexandre Tran, Account manager
Angèle Giraud , Project Manager