Rosa 32

The choice is wide among the range of rosés proposed, depending on the color or the appellation the consumer can very quickly be lost if he does not have the knowledge keys necessary to select the wine that suits him. It is necessary to stand out and it is for this reason that Rosa32 called on Bonjour Paris.

The research and development of the brand territory have been imagined in such a way to take a different path from the competition’s. As the other brands focus their narration on geographic roots or on the origin of the wine, we’ve chosen to focus on an important and distinctive element of a production region: the wind.

Unexploited by our competitors, the wind has a very rich universe, semantically close to the characteristics of a wine. For example, both can be soft and dry, and can be found on the Mediterranean shores. The compass rose indicates each direction and the winds associated to it, a total of 32 winds blow over Provence.

To differentiate its wines, Rosa32 has chosen to put the name of each wind on each of its winds, according to their characteristics.

Gently howling through the hills
Or whistling through the vines
Our wine inherited the same character
As the winds swirling through the land of our finest grapes
Sometimes gentle like a summer breeze
Other times strong and blustery
On every sip, each of our wines will reveal its unique character
Whispering their story to your palet

Year / Location

2021, Paris


Florestan De Rouvray, Founder


Benoit Candelle, Founder
Mathieu Nay, Account Manager
Manon Combe, Art Director
Alexis Pineau, Creative Director
Konstantin Kourenkov, Strategist
Dorian Delorme, Lead Creative Technologist
Franz Taittinger, Creative Technologist
Ange Goua, Creative Technologist