Caron — Beaux Tabacs

Emblematic ingredient of Caron perfumes since its creation, tobacco has become one of the great specialties of the House and the inspiration for an entire collection.

With the ambition to pay tribute to this mythical ingredient but also announce the launch of a new fragrance set to enrich the Beaux Tabacs family, the Haute Parfumerie brand calls on Bonjour Paris to imagine an exceptional campaign in a festive atmosphere.

For these key visuals each of the landscapes evoke travel through a surreal universe between dream and reality in the way of a Salvador Dali painting. To remain faithful to the Caron universe, we have opted for an opulent and rich composition by mixing ingredients, objects and materials, anchoring each perfume in its own universe.

Year / Location

2022, Paris


Chloé Éragne, Senior Product Manager


Benoit Candelle, Founder
Germain Felzinger, Creative Director
Martin Legagneux, Art Director
Rose De Ménibus, Art Director
Jade Pinder, Project Manager
Kaya O'Neil, Project Manager
Rachelle Simoneau, Photographer
Maureen Coleman , Set Designer