Duvelleroy — Spirit of Lightness

For the Ready-To-Wear collection, the F/W couture, permanent collections and apartment shoots, we put in place a new artistic direction. In order to make the fan an everyday accessory, it seemed essential to shatter the stereotypes around it, enable and celebrate men who wish to use it. All genders are invited to adopt and appreciate this fashion accessory and join a lifestyle where lightness is the core value. "The Spirit of Lightness" tagline transpires in all the visuals through the presence of the sky, as well as the bottow views.

Year / Location

2020, Paris


Eloïse Gilles, Fondatrice
Léa Dassonville, Direction Communication / Marketing


Benoit Candelle, Fondateur
Alexis Pineau, Directeur Artistique
Mathieu Nay, Chef de projet
Anselme Storez, Designer
Pierre Louis, Photographe