Boucheron — Visuals

Through the photos and videos, the challenge was to bring a creative narrative in the new e-shop all the while highlighting Boucheron’s jewelry. We have transformed the space of worn jewelry and product listings into a non traditional and free space. The fact that we don’t explicitly see the models’ features enables us to play on the Boucheron womens’ traits : independance, spontaneity, freedom, which all embody the Parisian « je ne sais quoi ».

Year / Location

2019, Paris


Virignie Matrass-Joly, Image Director
Marion Peyruseigt, Brand Content & Image Director
Clara Delorme-Lebris, Image Coordinator


Benoit Candelle, Partner
Mathieu Nay, Project Manager
Alexis Pineau, Art Director
Germain Felzinger, Art Director
Diane Hazaël-Massieux, Art Director
Fanny Latour-lambert, Photographer
Matt Larson, Video Director