Birth — Who’s Birth?

Birth is a production agency based in Paris and Alger promoting young independent talents and street culture. The brand called on Bonjour Paris  for an important social media campaign for the launch of their latest film. The goal was to reach the creative industry’s decision makers and catch their attention. In order to do that, we imagined a strategy articulated in three parts: firstly « who’s Birth? » , teasing to build anticipation around the launch, then the reveal of the film « This is Birth » starring Tobis Menzies and Kit Harrington, and finally « We are Birth »  to introduce the different talents in the form of time capsules.

Year / Location

2020, Paris


Yohan Ungar, Partner
Hugo Legrand Nathan, Partner
Alexandre Mallassagne, Producer


Benoît Candelle, Partner
Germain Felzinger, Art Director
Alexis Pineau, Art Director
Delhia Elantri, Social Media Manager