À table les soignants — Identity

The context of the health crisis has enabled the LVMH group and Michelin Guide to partner with Bonjour Paris to create a united digital platform. The project À table les soignants aims to thank medical staff who fought Covid-19 by providing them with dinners at prestigious restaurant tables. We then imagined a logo that conveyed the operation in a simple and visual way. We immediately recognize the concepts of lifestyle, quality and enjoyment that perfectly reflect the world of catering.

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2020, Paris


Olivier Lefebvre, CEO Cheval Blanc
Agnieszka Kij, Head of software development
Anne-Laure Pandolfi , Director of Public Relations and Innovation
Julie Lombard, Digital & CRM Manager
Marion Cardon, Director of Marketing
Amelia Willey, User Experience Lead
Xavier Le Tinevez, Information systems manager
Mélissa Ait-Ouakli, Digital Transformation


Benoit Candelle, Founder
Germain Felzinger, Art Director
Manon Combe, Art Director
Mathieu Nay, Project Manager
Eugene Lee, Creative technologist