Caron — PUH Still Lives

To bring a contemporary twist to its flagship fragrance, Pour un Homme, Caron entrusted Bonjour Paris to imagine a series of still life visuals telling the story of this iconic perfume by focusing on the 3 bottles of the trilogy.

Although each of the images translates the surreal DNA of the collection, each visual is designed to specifically express the olfactive universe of each fragrance.

Year / Location

2023, Paris


Anne Trulli, Directrice de la Communication
Katia Atroune, Chef de Produit Sénior
Mélanie Pommier, Chef de Produit


Benoit Candelle, Founder & General Manager
Rose de Ménibus, Creative Director
Martin Legagneux, Art Director
Christine Leblond, Client Partner
Antoine Perrault, Account Manager