Caron — Colognes Sublimes

Bonjour Paris brings the olfactory sensations of Caron to life with the “Les Colognes Sublimes” campaign. We crafted five dreamlike universes that capture the essence evoked by the scent of each fragrance. From the luminous hillsides of Provence to the sensors Parisian nights, the campaign, crafted entirely from 3D, translates the story behind each fragrance into serene imagery. To take it further, we also created additional images completely from AI to extend the visual universe of the colognes on social media.

Year / Location

2023, Paris


Anne Trulli, Directrice de la Communication
Chloé Eragne, Chef de Produit Sénior
Julia Hong, Chef de Produit


Benoit Candelle, Founder & General Manager
Germain Felzinger, Creative Director
Martin Legagneux, Art Director
Christine Leblond, Client Partner
Antoine Perrault, Account Manager